Customer Testimonials

Dana A. says:

"This is coming into our 3rd year with Jeremy. He does a fabulous job on the lawn and he has a "magical" fertilizing blend that made my grass grow so well last year. up, Jeremy is my guy. Flexible, inexpensive, and great job. Who could ask for more?"

Jeannie I. says (regarding our firewood)

"We LOVE the wood you brought! It is every bit as good as you said! It burns hot and doesn't require us adding as much wood to our fireplace or as often. Thank you so much for your fast and excellent service! We will definitely be keeping your number!"

Mary C. says:

"Great customer service! They removed 4 dead pines (each about 24" in diameter) and then removed a HUGE mulberry tree that came down in my field. That was not easy to get to due to overgrowth. Then they hauled it to the only mill around that could cut a 50" diameter trunk into live edge slabs for my kitchen counters (remodeling next year). Very fair prices, nice guys. I would highly recommend them."

Kathy H. says:

"I had some storm damage clean-up that I needed to have done, and Jeremy showed up as promised and completed the job in no time! Everything was cleaned up and my yard looks great again! I was really impressed with the work, and the price was very reasonable. I have had so many people/companies say they will come do a job for me and either not show up or not finish the job, so I was starting to lose faith, but Hoosier Lawn Solutions came through for me! Hire with confidence!"

Jackie S.W. says:

"Jeremy has not only brought our lawn back to life after we mistakingly sprayed weed killer on our lawn that also kills grass, but also made our lawn look beautiful. He put down fertilizer to help bring it back to life, but he didn't stop there. He kept up with the conditions until our lawn looked better than it did even before our mishap with the weed killer. I'm highly impressed and would definitely recommend!"

Stephen M. says:

"Local company, great work, and good prices."

Mark S. says (regarding our power washing services):

"Excellent indeed - Jeremy just did ours - immaculate was my wife's response!!"

Trish B. says (regarding our power washing services):

"They did my house, excellent job and great prices. I highly recommend them."

Juanita R. says (regarding our power washing services):

"They did my house, deck, patio, drive. Excellent work, quite reasonable."

Dennis F. says:

"Great price and great work. Jeremy was patient and came out twice to walk us through his estimate. We were worked into the schedule quickly and the job was performed to satisfaction. Was a great experience and look forward to doing business with them in the future."

Angela R. says:

Jeremy and his team are excellent workers. Always courteous and do a great thorough (job). I am very grateful he looks after my yard.

Susann B. says:

Excellent detailed lawn and yard service. Very happy with Jeremy's service over the years. Complete satisfaction every time!

Scott C. says:

"We recently had Jeremy out for some lawn work and brush removal. He did such an amazing job. Fast & courteous communication. Fast & detailed service. He is officially our go to guy."